6 Best Places to visit in Murshidabad in 2020


Murshidabad is a district located in the mid of the state of west bengal located on the eastern bank of Hooghly river. Its an ancient and historical district because once upon a time it was the capital of Bangla(Bengal), Bihar, Odisha.

Bytheway, I’m not right here to let you know the traditional story of this district however need to share some greatest locations to visit in Murshidabad.

1.Hazarduari Palace

Hazarduari Palace

If you ever planning to visit Murshidabad, you should have to go to Hazarduari Palace. Murshidabad journey is not going to be succeeded with out visiting this place. Spread over an enormous space of 41 acres, the magnificence of Murshidabad’s Hazarduari Palace is second to none. This beautiful structure spreads over a massive area of 41 acres on the Kila Nizamat campus, and its splendour is second to none. The breathtaking palace is located on the banks of River Bhagirathi and is known for its grandeur. Tourists from all around the world flock this attraction yearly to escape the current and get a glimpse of the Nawabi way of life. The title roughly interprets to ‘a thousand doors’ as this palace is embellished with a thousand ornamental gateways. Out of those, 900 doors are actual, and the remainder are false doors which have been constructed to confuse any intruders. The development model of the palace is an amalgam of Italian and Greek architectural types and is a good example of Murshidabad’s rich cultural heritage.

The palace is located on the eastern banks of the Bhagirathi river within an enclosure referred to as the Kila Nizamat.

In its earlier days, the palace was a regal mansion, however now it has been transformed right into a museum of priceless relics. Ranging from Siraj-ud-Daula’s prized swords to the vintage vehicles owned by the Nawabs, this vacation spot has amassed the life and instances of Mir Jafar’s dynasty. Lastly, I would really like to inform you , there are a number of historic locations, Architecture close to Hazarduari it is best to should visit such as Khosh Bagh, Madina Masjid, Nizmat Imbambara, Wasif Manzil, Footi Mosque and so on.

2. Moti Jheel (Motijheel)

Moti Jheel

Motijheel used to comprise of a palace and a phenomenal lake. The lake nonetheless survives, whereas the palace perished. Motijheel is without doubt one of the few locations that displays each Indian and British historical past.

This stunning horseshoe formed lake was excavated by Nawazesh Mohammad, the husband of the well-known Ghasseti Begum. Motijheel later served as a residence for Lord Clive, Warren Hastings and a number of different essential British Lords. Due to its affinity to the British officers, it popularly got here to be generally known as ‘Company Bagh’. The solely constructing nonetheless standing is the Mosque of Shahamat Jang

3. KathGola


Located just a few kilometers off Murshidabad, this palace complicated, constructed initially to entertain European and Muslim friends throughout commerce visits, is a marvel of its personal.

The place Kathgola (wooden battle house) acquires its title from the lumbre yard that used to be purposeful area earlier than the palace was constructed. Built forward of its times, the place is greater than only a palace. The palace, infinite gardens, ponds, a temple devoted to Adinath and a statue of michealangelo are few of the marvels you will see right here

4. Katra Mosque

Katra Mosque

Another attractive tourist spot of Murshidabad and maybe one of the nicely maintained too, Katra Mosque was constructed in 1724 by Murad Farash Khan, a loyal follower of Murshid Quli Khan.

The mosque can also be a tomb of Quli Khan who’s buried below the flight of stairs comprising the doorway to the mosque from the eastern end. It is believed that the mosque was constructed after Murshid Quli Khan expressed his want to be buried in a mosque

5. Nasirpur Palace

Nasirpur Palace

Built by the descendants of Debi Singh, a tax collector in the early days of East India Company, Nasirpur Palace is another main tourist attraction of Murshidabad.

In addition to the palace, the complicated has Ramachandra Temple, one of many largest temples of the district and The Lakshmi-Narayana Temple, well-known for its Jhulanjatra celebrations

6. Farakka Barrage

Farakka Barrage

Wanna see one thing far from Historic? In addition you can must visit to Farakka Barrage. Farakka Barrage is situated across the Ganges river located in Murshidabad district in the Indian state of West Bengal connected Murshidabad and Malda district. Farakka Barrage Township is located in Farakka (community development block) in Murshidabad district. Yes, this isn’t a historic place or an architecture however a scenic undertaking project by Govt. of India. Several places to roam round can be found right here. It will likely be a greatest place to have picnic around.

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